Teledyne LeCroy - LabMaster 10 Zi

Teledyne LeCroy - LabMaster 10 Zi

LabMaster Real-Time Oscilloscope

  • 65 GHz bandwidth, (4.9 ps risetime20 – 80%), 160 GS/s sample rate, up to 80 channels, up to 1024 Mpts of analysis memory
  • Modular
  • Wide bandwidth upgrade range (20 - 65 GHz)
  • ChannelSync architecture utilizes a 10 GHz distributed clock for precise alignment of all acquisition systems
  • Single trigger circuit for all modules eliminates additive trigger jitter that occurs with 10 MHz clocking and trigger synchronization of multiple conventional oscilloscopes
  • Simple — connect and acquire — Teledyne LeCroy has done the hard work for you  7. 325 MB/s data transfer rate from the LabMaster to a separate PC with Teledyne LeCroy Serial Interface Bus (LSIB) option
  • Server-class multi-core processor combines with X-Stream II streaming architecture for fast acquisition and analysis — 33.6 GHz effective CPU clock rate and 24 GB of RAM standard (expandable to 192 GB)
  • Utilize the built-in 15.3” widescreen (16 x 9) high resolution WXGA color touch screen display — or connect your own with up to WQXGA 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution
  • Highly stable timebase (50fsrms) over long acquisitions, low Jitter Measurement and Rj noise floor.
  • Deepest standard toolbox with more measurements, more math, more power
  • SDAIII “CompleteLinQ” options provide four simultaneous eye diagrams and jitter calculations for multi-lane or single-lane, multiple location analysis, noise measurements and crosstalk analysis
  • Eye Doctor™ II and Virtual Probe Signal Integrity Toolsets provide real-time de-embedding, emulation, and equalization on serial data channels
  • Up to 14.1 Gb/s Serial Trigger available – 80-bit NRZ and 8b/10b Symbol triggering

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Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi

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