Tektronix - CSA803A

Tektronix - CSA803A

The Tektronix CSA803A communications signal analyzer offers the highest bandwidth and time resolution of the 11000 Series. In addition to the easy-to-use, touch-screen user interface and powerful automatic measurement system common to all 11000 Series instruments, the CSA 803A adds single-ended and differential TDR and TDT, timing resolution to 0.01 ps, and up to 50 GHz bandwidth (depending on the sampling head used). This unmatched performance and feature set makes the unit ideal for semiconductor device testing. TDR characterization of circuit boards, IC packages, cables and high-speed digital communication measurements.

The CSA803A accepts up to two dual-channel SD Series sampling heads and has built-in trigger capability of up to 10 GHz through the prescaler.

Modularity make room for growth

In the Tektronix tradition, the CSA803A can be tailored through modular plug-in sampling heads for a variety of applications. Modularity also offers a path for growth and expansion as new sampling heads become available. For example, for applications requiring superior noise performance, the SD-22 Sampling Head offers two channels of acquisition at 12.5 GHz with 450 µV (typical) of noise. High bandwidth acquisition and TDR are available in the SD-24 sampling head, which offers two channels with 20 GHz bandwidth and two polarity-selectable TDR step generators.


  • DC to 50 GHz Bandwidth
  • Automatic Statistical Analysis
  • 38 Industry Standard Masks (ITU-T and ANSI)
  • High Resolution and Repeatability
  • 7 ps Rise Time (SD32)
  • Modularity Through Sampling Heads
  • Triggering to 10 GHz (Prescaler)
  • TDR for Precision Impedance Analysis
  • FFT for Spectral Analysis
  • Extinction Ratio Measured Automatically
  • Built-in Automatic Eye Pattern and Pulse Template Testing


  • Optical Standards Compliance Testing
  • Electrical Standards Compliance Testing
  • Timing Analysis
  • Pass/Fail Mask Measurements for Telecom (SDH/SONET) and Datacomm (FDDI/ Fiberchannel)

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Tektronix CSA803A

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