Spirent Communications - MX-100G-F2

Spirent Communications - MX-100G-F2

TestCenter HyperMetrics MX 40/100G neXt test system

2-port 100G CFP / 4-port 40G QSFP+ module

The Spirent TestCenter 40/100G Ethernet HyperMetrics neXt test module with Cloud Core processing enables maximum performance and scale over high-speed Ethernet. Targeting testing of multi-terabit routers and high-scale cloud infrastructure, HyperMetrics neXt ensures dataplane QoS with high performance traffic and verifies the scalability of routing, access, application and security protocols. With four 40G ports and two 100G ports per module, the HyperMetrics neXt 40/100G delivers the highest density high-speed Ethernet test solution per rack unit.


  • High Scale Terabit Routers: Test 40G and 100G Ethernet core routers with high scale, multi-protocol topologies
  • High Capacity Multiservice Routers: Validate IP throughput and Any G mobility with millions of subscribers and per-port line-rate data with minimum-sized packets and detailed per-mobile statistics
  • Data Center Fabrics: Validate the forwarding performance and functional capabilities of ultra-high scale, next-generation multi-terabit cloud data center fabrics

SPT-N4U Chassis

There are many sofware configurations available, please contact us to discuss your specific testing requirements.

Item code: 159153

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