Narda - SRM-3006

Narda - SRM-3006
Radio, TV, mobile phones, wireless services: Electromagnetic fields are the medium wherever such forms of communication are used. These fields affect everything around them including the people that are moving within them. Complete coverage would otherwise be impossible.
There has been a dramatic increase in the variety of telecommunications services over the past 20 years. In addition to the traditional radio, TV, analogue walkie-talkie and military signals, we now have new services such as GSM, UMTS, CDMA, DVB-T, WLAN, WiMAX, and TETRA. When it comes to assessing safety, the question is: What proportion of the overall field strength is coming from which source?
This question can only be answered using a frequency-selective measuring set – an instrument that analyzes the spectrum and can therefore determine which source is currently active and what its field strength is at the moment.
The Selective Radiation Meter SRM is perfect for such investigations. Developed from the globally successful SRM-3000, it provides superb facilities for selectively and accurately measuring and evaluating electromagnetic fields reliably and using minimal technical effort and time.
Features – Everything combined in one device
  • Broadband measurement (using "Integration over Frequency Band" / Channel Power measurement)
  • Spectrum analysis (display in dbµV, V/m, mW/cm2, % of limit value, ...)
  • Simultaneous display of average, maximum, and minimum values
  • Direct result display in all operating modes, also referred to the permitted limit value – no conversion needed!
  • Code-selective measurement (UMTS P-CPICH demodulation)
  • Programmable measurement routines and setups stored in the instrument for rapid measurements
  • Standard-compliant measurement with isotropic (non-directional) results from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Automatic antenna and cable recognition
  • Outdoor capable: high radiation immunity; robust and splash proof; battery replacement in-situ
Safety Evaluation
A quick overview of all services is provided in Safety Evaluation mode.
  • Unique method for a simplified display of a spectrum analysis as a table.
  • Clear results without complex evaluations: The numerical result shows the overall exposure level straight away, even in terms of the permitted limit value if you want.
  • Display and distribution of percentage contributions from individual providers.
  • Bar graph display for visualizing the measured values for channel assessment.
Spectrum Analysis
Detailed examination or evaluation versus frequency using Spectrum Analysis mode.
  • Integration over Frequency Band (broadband measurement) / Channel Power measurement – gives the total field exposure level value within the integration envelope.
  • Peak Evaluation – shows the major services and the associated field strengths, frequencies and service names.
  • Marker functions such as a Delta marker allow rapid, detailed examination of the signal.
  • Max Hold function combined with any other result display, e.g. a minimum, for rapid determination of the maximum signal power level.
Level Recorder
Fast, direct results for pulsed signals using Level Recorder mode.
  • Continuous time-domain measurement of signals using a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of 40 kHz - 32 MHz.
  • Numerical display of current and maximum values of peak and average measurements is complemented by a bar graph display similar to a level meter.
Scope (optional)
Real-time display of signals versus time in Scope mode.
  • Graphical display of pulsed signals in real time.
  • Continuous measurement (from µs up to 24 hours) displaying the field variation over time.
  • Triggering using thresholds or timer events.
  • Duty Cycle function supports determination of pulse width and period.
UMTS P-CPICH Demodulation (optional)
Demodulation and extrapolation of UMTS signals using UMTS P-CPICH Demodulation mode.
  • The SRM shows the actual value, average value, peak value, maximum average value, and minimum value for each radio cell, identified by its scrambling code, and also combines the values measured for all the radio cells into a total value.
  • The analogue value measured for the frequency channel (Analogue) is shown for comparison.
  • The SRM can use a pre-settable extrapolation factor to determine the field strength that would occur if all code channels were fully loaded.

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