Anritsu - MS2668C

Anritsu - MS2668C

Spectrum Analyser 9 kHz to 40 GHz

  • Frequency Range 9kHz - 40GHz
  • Input Level +30 to -115 dBm
  • Resolution bandwidth 1kHz to 3MHz
  • Connector 50 Ω Type-K(f)
  • Memory Card Interface
  • RS-232 & IEEE Interfaces
    • Average Noise Level < -100 dBm to <-115 dBm
    • Compact and lightweight
      • (15 kg in standard configuration)
    • Easy portability for installation and maintenance
    • High C/N and superior distortion characteristics
    • High-stability crystal oscillator as standard
    • Easy-to-use. simple operation
    • Built-in 'Measure' function for evaluation of radio equipment (frequency counter. C/N. channel power. adjacent channel power. occupied frequency bandwidth. burst average power and template pass/fail function)
    • User-defined function
    • Zone marker/zone sweep
    • Two-screen display
    • FM demodulation waveform display
    • Memory card interface (for saving/recalling trace data and set up parameter and for saving screen image in bitmap format)
    • Millimetre wave applications
    • External mixer input/output as standard
    • Up to 110 GHz with an external mixer
    • Options support wide range of applications
    • Narrow resolution bandwidth (10 to 300 Hz)
    • High-speed time domain sweep
    • Trigger/gate circuit
    • AM/FM demodulator (sound monitor)
    • Centronics interface (cannot be installed with GPIB simultaneously)
    • Easy to set up automatic measurements
    • Controller function built-in (PTA)

Item code: 124444

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